One of the most difficult things when selecting cushions is choosing what to put with the 'hero' cushion or the star of the show. Usually the hero is the first one chosen and then people tend to get a little stuck as to what to compliment it with. Layering, mixing textures, mixing patterns and all gets a little overwhelming.

To help with this process we've decided to create some smaller collections of three cushions introducing some new "stars" and complimenting them with some amazing cushions already in our range. And we've enlisted the expert eye of our good friend Natasha Bozic from Designns Ltd to get the ball rolling with our first two. Now its even easier for you to "Get The Look"


"A beautiful collection that will bring a designer look to your living space. Stylish and playful with a contemporary edge. With a distinct geometric pattern the Arrowhead Pebble cushions brings texture and contrast in to this collection. To build on the monochromatic look, I then introduced Medina Pewter for texture in a different scale and fabulous velvet in Bespoke Dove to add movement with a different material in to the mix."


"Elegant in its abstract pattern and colour scheme, the Norrland Indigo cushion is the perfect feature cushion to refresh your sofa or bedroom decor. It is timeless and enduring as well as on trend with Classic Blue announced as colour of the year. When creating this new collection I wanted to introduce some texture and Medina Copper works beautifully as a backdrop, with it's beautiful earthy tone bringing an autumn colour scheme into your space. I have then added a touch of luxury with gorgeous velvet using Vintage in colour Lapis."

Natasha's Tip

When you are not a big fan of mixing different patterns, choose one cushion with a pattern and add others in solid colours, but consider and mix different materials and textures to add interest.

For more on how to style with cushions see here


You can also contact Natasha via her website

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