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We're different for a reason.

At Zanders & Co. we believe high-end interior furnishings should, and can be, designed and made right here in New Zealand. We love supporting local artisans, designers and suppliers and do so because we are passionate about quality and sustainability.

For us, sustainability means ensuring every product is of the highest possible quality and is designed to last. That means intricate detailing, premium fabrics and the best feather inners. By supporting local industry, we are ensuring our products aren't wasting resources by being shipped around the world before ending up on your couch.

By working with those based locally, we can develop close relationships at every level of the supply and manufacturing chain, as well as ensuring the animals whose feathers we use are treated ethically.

We're the only supplier of high-end cushions in New Zealand whose products are designed and made locally, using local materials and resources. This is particularly unique in terms of our duck feather inners. The majority of cushion inners are soured from Asian countries where the fair and ethical treatment of both animals and workers cannot be guaranteed.

Experience the Zanders & Co. difference.

We're so enamoured with our beautiful fabrics, we know you will be too. That's why we're doing something different and making fabric samples available so you have the opportunity to experience the stunning textures, hues and patterns in your rooms before making a final decision about your interior finishings.

All our cushions are also curated into collections that represent groupings of the latest fabrics, combining colours, textures and patterns to offer inspiring platforms from which to style your own spaces.

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