Monet Collection.

The inspiration of one of last century’s most well-known artists has never wavered. Claude Monet’s impressionist paintings have provided a basis for a wealth of artists and designers ever since, each of whom have wanted to capture element’s of his mastery of landscapes, but perhaps most notably the garden scenes he spent the later part of life painting.

It is in these gardens where, arguably, his work is most profound; where the light danced upon his scenes, and the layered colours combined to draw the viewer into the landscape.

It is in these beautiful renderings of colour and light where our 2019 Monet collection began. Fabrics such as velvet were chosen that proffer an abundance of tonal changes as they are handled and when sun and shadow meets them, illuminating a diverse palette of colours depending on the time of day and placement.

A natural palette brings together rustic gold, pink, grey and deep green/blue hues, along with decadent florals enriched with vibrant flashes of colour.

Combining these earthy and floral tones with the sumptuous velvets and the more metallic sheen of the silver/grey tones creates a rich and warm collection of natural inspiration. Set against furniture pared back in tone, the Monet collection’s cushions create an immediacy of comfort and a wonderfully layered range of texture and tone designed to move with the light.




Pillow - Changing light



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